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Baskin-Robbins & Dunking Brands UK

Providing refrigeration service and breakdown cover in concessions within Cineworld cinemas and outlets throughout the UK.

LOCATION  United Kingdom


Baskin-Robbins franchisees are supported by a central team and distribution centre in Corby, Peterborough.  The ice cream display cabinets and fridges must work within their optimum parameters, ensuring the ice cream is in prime condition. If a cabinet temperature drops, the loss of stock has a considerable cost, in addition to missed sales opportunities and reduced retail margin.

Our client was having difficulty finding refrigeration engineers offering speed and consistency of service and understanding the complexity of the terminology on variable job reports, alongside the administration burden of gaining clearance to get into some of the sites. We provide a single point of contact for service and breakdown cover for their entire portfolio of concessions. We manage a supply chain of subcontractors and suppliers to effectively reach the extremities of the UK, example of the Isle of White, Portsmouth and Inverness came in on the same day. We guarantee workmanship and warranty for all work carried out on our behalf, protecting our client from inconsistencies of service and communication to ensure the cabinets and fridges are back at their optimum in the shortest possible time.

I cannot recommend ProAir highly enough. I have a broad range of responsibilities and need to be able to make one call to resolve any refrigeration challenges. The requests are varied: a repair on the Isle of White, at Cineworld, completed within 24hrs, cabinet refurbishments to give them another lease of life, cabinet delivery to a new Cineworld construction site, which required a more personal service with tight H&S restrictions and very difficult access. All of these and more were carried out by ProAir Engineers with professionalism, efficiency and enthusiasm. I know I’m in safe hands!  
Carol Burley, International Business Manager
Baskin-Robbins and Dunking Brands UK

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