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Commercial refrigeration has many varied critical applications. Food safety in the dairy, meat, fisheries and other food industries relies on uninterrupted, consistent and efficient equipment. This cold chain preservation is also critical in the pharmaceutical industry.

Compliance with hygiene and food safety regulations, energy and refrigerant regulations, as well as maintenance and operating costs, have an impact on all markets.

ProAir works with restaurants, catering suppliers, canteens, specialty retailers such as butchers and bakeries, convenience stores, petrol stations and discount stores, and provides process cooling solutions in lab, medical and pharmaceutical facilities.

ProAir Engineers are trained to install and maintain all types of Refrigeration…

Cold room and
walk-in refrigeration applications. We provide cold room construction and work with all major manufacturers of refrigeration solutions to ensure you have the most efficient and effective set-up available

Warehouses and distribution centres. No matter how large a space or harsh the conditions, we can provide quiet, efficient, durable and dependable Refrigeration systems

Chilled and frozen displays. Accurate temperature and operation control of display cases is vital for high-quality and safe food products. ProAir supplies and repairs all major manufacturers

Ice cream displays, bottle coolers, ice machines. We supply and maintain appliances at their optimum performance, ensuring the end product meets customer satisfaction

Cellar cooling. We can keep your cellar at the optimum range, within 11-13°C. Running 24/7 cellar cooling systems requires regular maintenance. Twice yearly checks and repairs could mean savings of £800 a year, by reducing running cost by up to 40%. Manufacturers installed and maintained are Qualitair, J&E Hall, and Marstair, providing brewery specification, low noise, energy efficient cellar cooling

Maintenance is imperative to ensure everything is working at an optimum, energy efficient level, to minimise the chance of failure and keep running costs to a minimum. We appreciate a failure can lead to the loss of produce and, therefore, will attempt to diagnose the fault and provide an effective repair within 24hours, where possible.

ProAir have extensive knowledge of all major manufacturers’ equipment for service and repair of your existing systems. Manufacturers include Danfoss, Searle, Fosters, Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control, Chandler, Genfrost, Williams, Gram, Hoshizaki and Manitowoc.
We can supply and fit parts for all major brands.

ProAir provides planned Refrigeration maintenance contracts for NHS pharmacies, retailers and food shops, restaurants and pubs, health and fitness providers, and national ice cream chains. Regular maintenance of your refrigeration systems not only assists in preventing breakdowns in business critical appliances but also helps improve energy efficiency for improved better performance. This results in reduced running costs and the minimisation of the loss of stored products. Clients who have contracts in place are prioritised for our rapid response call out service. When faults occur, downtime can be a problem for business owners, which leads to loss of profit. We want to keep your business fully operational, as well as staff and customers happy, wherever you are in the UK.

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